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Reach for the Skies - Walking Route


Point Dist Instruction
1 Exit VH car park at car entrance and turn right
2 Almost immediately, turn left, between house and Top Farm and over stone stile.
3 Over wooden stile and bear left.
4 Over wooden stile (yellow arrow) on left along a HORIZONTAL path. 
5 Bear right over stile following the yellow arrow and keep the hedge on your left. Do not cross plank into rec.
6 Follow hedge up hill, and across wooden bridge.
7 Top of field bear right and cross stile 20 yds on.
8 Follow yellow arrow direction across field.
9. Over stile and follow yellow arrow.(YA)
10 Over stile (YA) and cross field of young brocolli making for gate opposite.
11 1 Bear right in front of gate along track between hedge and wire fence.
12 At trees, bear right through gate (YA)


Follow path through wood and descend to meet farm track. No YA on post but there is in opposite direction.

Follow track round to left and keep on it until it meets a road.  

(At this point turning left on the road, down the hill to the cross roads and then left again leads back to the Hall)


Turn right onto road.


At Y junction, turn left onto minor road. No sp but 100 sign stuck to post.  Do not take signposted footpath. 

There is an uneven road sign after 100yds.

17 2 Turn left onto bridle path at aerials.  Pass to the left of the dishes.
18 Follow bridle path down hill, through a gate (YA).
19 At Hidcote Manor, turn left through car park.  There is a cafe straight ahead!
20 Go through arch on the right of cafe and turn left onto the road.
21 3 Follow the road through Hidcote Bartrim village to gate.
22 Go through gate and follow path in straight line continuing across plough aiming towards barns in distance 
23 Find narrow path through tall plants to gate (YA) and go through
24 Follow arrow direction to gate with fp sign by barns.
25 Down street in Hidcote Boyce
26 4 Turn 1st left in front of houses and follow road.
27 At T junction sp Ebrington cross stile (fp sign) 
28 Follow path across fields and 4 stiles (use YA for direction to walk in)
29 At road turn right and look for footpath sign/stile on left
30 Over stile and follow path over another stile (YA) to a fwooden bridge.
31 Cross bridge and follow path, keeping hedge on left until road.
32 5 Turn left and see Village Hall on right after 400 yds.